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It’s been a while…

I can sit here and make up a lot of excuses, all true, on why I’ve stayed away from here so long. But I won’t bother you with the details.

I am making a comeback, slowly but surely.

For now, I will leave you with a fun idea that I found on the internet, as many great ideas are found, naturally. I recently got back from a trip to South Korea, visiting family I haven’t seen in ages. To commemorate the trip, I made a t-shirt that summarized the entire 1 weeks, all in just a few sentences:

“I should have learned more Korean before I left, visiting family I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years. This trip included vacationing on a honeymoon island – not with my extended family, not my lover. I made kids cry, and my sister wanted to noraebang so bad that our cousins stayed up until 1am on a school night karaoking with us. *Gangnam Style forever* We also found out that our family members are cat people: They hate rain and love naps. Family is the best.”

I plan on making a new commemorative t-shirt for every trip and vacation I go on from here on out.

What do you do to remember your trips?

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Road trip fever

Puppy window drivingIt’s no secret that I am in a constant state of wanderlust. While I won’t be going very far, my entire summer weekends will be filled with road trips for work and pleasure, and celebrations of love (it’s wedding season, of course). So here we go, let’s do this, summer! I’ll be sure to share my adventures with you. ❤

Where do you plan on going this season?

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Little Things #25: Swimming with manatees (and seaweed)

Swimming with manatees (Florida)Snorkeling with ManateesI can excitedly report that I snorkeled with manatees at one point in my life. And yes, I may have let out an underwater scream when I felt one touch me. It’s a bit startling when you are swimming with giant manatees you can’t see because the water is so murky. But it was still an incredible moment.

Wait, did you ask if I also own manatee socks?

Why yes. Yes I do.

Manatee socks

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DIY: Bring your friends on vacation

Mini-friend in HawaiiMini Friend on a Chicken in HawaiiMini Friend on a Chicken in HawaiiMini friend picking pineapples in Hawaii

What if your BFF can’t join you on your vacation? Well, bring along a mini version of your best friend! That way, s/he can come along on all of your adventures and reminisce when you get back.

I did exactly this when I went on vacation to Hawaii. I wish I could say that was recently, but it was a few years ago. But still. While I was able to go to Hawaii with a couple of great friends, a couple of our other friends were thinking about going…but just couldn’t make it work. So, naturally, I ended up bringing their mini-versions with me anyway.

So how do I create my own mini-versions of my friends?

MATERIALS: ——————————————————————

  • Action figures (I went with some Star Trek action figures that were on sale!)
  • Photo of your bestie. Note: Your BFF’s face must be slightly larger than the action figure’s. I went with photos that were a whole lot larger (and with funny poses), just for a fun, quirky emphasis.
  • Tape
  • Glue (I used a hot glue gun, but any strong bonding glue will do)
  • Optional: Puffy paint

STEP 1: Replace your action figure’s face: ————————–

While this might sound brutal, you are replacing the action figure’s face with your favorite person! Yay! To do this, cut your friend’s face out of the photograph. Use your strong bonding glue to adhere it to your action figure’s face. I found that it is actually easier to mount the photograph when the action figure’s head is on backwards. It’s a little awkward because you now have a 2-faced best friend. But I found it a bit challenging to glue over the raised facial features of my Star Trek action figure. To reinforce your bestie’s face, wrap a piece of tape around the back of your best friend’s face and the head of the action figure. There! Now if the glue starts to fail, the tape will keep your best friend together. Yes, this did happen to mine, and using both really helped!

STEP 2 (optional): Dress them up: ————————————–

Mini friends playing cards at the airportAs you can see, I gave my friends a bathing suit. What else would you wear on a vacation to Hawaii? One thing to note – these action figures had removable vests, but painted-on leggings and sleeves. That still didn’t stop me, but you may want to consider outfit decisions before choosing your action figure. I obviously didn’t.

To make their vacation outfits, I busted out my puffy paint and went to town painting my friends some snazzy suits to lay out on the beach. Yes, they might still be wearing leggings and sleeves…but these friends have some six-packs that I am pretty jealous of. Thank you, Star Trek action figures.

STEP 3: Take pictures and share!—————————————

Mini BFF on vacationNow you are ready for some vacation time with your best friends! Make sure to photograph them wherever you go, and create some fun poses and scenes. When you get back from your vacation, you can share the lovely time they had on vacation with you. Your best friends are always there for you, make sure that they don’t miss out on fun times!

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93 days of summer…

360 degree view campingHappy Summer Solstice! Even if the official start of summer is a little bit gray here in Portland, I am still excited for this summer! I am already starting to fill up my weekends with summer adventures – seeing my bestie, lots and lots of camping, road trips, and cabin runs…and maybe some moving soon (keep crossing your fingers, I’m still waiting to have the official word in writing on my new home)! I’m starting today, actually – ROAD TRIP! What are you doing this summer?

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