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May Challenge: 31 days of spring

31 days of MayI am definitely feeling the spring vibes, and it’s my favorite season for a reason. I have been getting ready for spring by planning what will go into my garden boxes (almost built!), surrounding myself with greenery, and loving every minute of the spring blooms I never even knew existed in my yard. What a beautiful surprise.

For the month of May, I am challenging myself to intentionally notice the beauty of nature that surrounds me. My goal is to take a photo every single day this month to capture the beauty of spring. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know it’s already the 4th of May and so I already fell behind on my daily challenge. But I don’t think it’s ever too late to be intentional about the world around us. Don’t you agree?

Join me in my challenge, and share your photos with me!

Also, I plan on posting my March Challenge (31 days of healing) very soon – I am so slow at developing my last roll of film with some of my March challenge photos on it. It will happen soon. I promise. Stay tuned, and share your springtime photos with me!

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Little Things #9: Cherry blossom bursts

Spring Cherry BlossomsSister and cherry blossomsSpring Cherry BlossomsBikes and Cherry BlossomsSpring cherry blossomsCherry blossom weddingSpring is one of my favorite times of year, especially in Portland. After all of the rain and gray, it’s nice to see how Portland stays so green and beautiful when the flowers start blooming and the sun starts showing its face again. It also means that cherry blossoms are blooming. Everyone comes out of their caves, and Portland becomes the beautiful backdrop that it always is – I even caught a couple shooting wedding photos among the spring blooms.

As tacky as it sounds, cherry blossoms have some real personal meaning for me. I spent some time growing up in Japan, which was full of cherry blossoms. It is one of my favorite memories. When we were young’ns, my dad videotaped my sister and I during a Japanese spring. We collected as many fallen cherry blossoms off the ground as we could, and threw them at the videocamera shouting, “Surprise!” We couldn’t get enough. I will have to dig up that video and post it sometime. It’s a classic.

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