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Road trip fever

Puppy window drivingIt’s no secret that I am in a constant state of wanderlust. While I won’t be going very far, my entire summer weekends will be filled with road trips for work and pleasure, and celebrations of love (it’s wedding season, of course). So here we go, let’s do this, summer! I’ll be sure to share my adventures with you. ❤

Where do you plan on going this season?

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Paint your own pet

Huey Diptychimg274img272I’m not sure if it’s the same where you live, but in Portland, all sorts of painting and wine classes have cropped up all over town. Most of the classes look like this: Classes show you how to paint a specific painting, and an instructor shows you step-by-step on how to create your masterpiece. Some companies have a fixed location, while others float around to different bars and restaurants around town. Oh, and all of them offer wine. Or beer. Or other drinks. Sounds appealing, no?

Well, my friends and I decided to do a different take on the painting class, and there was one offered on painting your own pet! You send in a photo of your pet, they have a caricature artist who draws your pet on canvas, and then you show up to class to paint over the drawing. It’s sort of like paint by numbers. Super fun.

Huey sort of looks like a cartoon version of himself in my painting. It sorts of reminds me of Scooby Doo. But I love it and am proud of it. Also, it’s kind of hard to screw up a cross-eyed tongue out photo of your dog. He already looks silly, so anything I do would just add to that silliness. 🙂

I love that dog.

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Little Things #44: Happy National Pet Day!

Sleepy face puppyYou know when something is so adorable, you can’t stop staring? That’s this guy. All the time. Even when he sleeps, he’s adorable. Brightens my day.

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Homemade dog treats

Homemade pumpkin dog biscuitsSo…at the risk of seeming absolutely over-the-top ridiculous, I am going to share this with you anyway. I found a recipe for homemade dog treats, and made some for my dog. In my defense, I was completely curious and my dog wasn’t feeling amazing. So why not find a fun way to get him some pumpkin to put his tummy at ease?

Yes, this is where I get even more ridiculous. The recipe is wheat free. Why? Well, I am pretty picky about what my dog eats, for the most part. Boxers tend to have a lot of allergies. They also have the highest rates of cancer, and generally a shorter life expectancy than a lot of other breeds. In an effort to reduce opportunities for allergic reactions and keep my dog as healthy as possible, he eats a wheat/corn/etc.-free diet.

Well, for the most part. There are those occasional wheat-filled, naughty ingredient treats he gets from others. Or that he steals on the bottom shelves of pet stores where they (in)conveniently place them for dogs to have easy access.

Okay, so back to my homemade treats. The recipe I used is here.

To attest to my ridiculousness, the staff at New Seasons Market in dog-friendly Portland thought I was “weird” for purchasing groceries for homemade dog biscuits. But they warmed up to the idea and realized how awesome it was, even asking me if I sell my treats. I told them I would have to see how this batch turned out first. But maybe dog treat making is in my future? But I digress. Yet again.

So the real recipe has super cute bone-shaped treats. Mine are elephants. I just didn’t go out of my way to get the “appropriate” cookie cutter. Plus, why would Huey disapprove of elephants? He’ll eat anything.

The recipe was surprisingly a success. Let me rephrase. Surprising success not because Huey (and other dogs) liked them, but success in that my baking didn’t lend to burned dog biscuits. Hooray! Definitely a step up for me. I’ll have to try out some more recipes soon!

Have you tried making your own dog treats? What’s your favorite recipe?

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Little Things #43: Puppy photo bum (bomb)

Dog photo bomb (bum)I spy…a dog tushy.

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Pumpkins and puppies!

1383586_10200350972611465_9344034_nimg776img788img741img742img745img7902013-10-26 (1)img748So I am a perpetual kid, and I LOVE pumpkin patches. I am probably the oldest person at the pumpkin patch without a kid. But I don’t care, you are missing out if you aren’t going.

However, this year I got to bring someone new with me…Huey! I finally got some shots of him that weren’t blurry or of him sleeping. He’s a hard one to take photos of, but I guess all puppies are!

Anyways, he has brought so much joy to my life, and I try to do the best I can to provide a loving, happy home for him! Besides, he deserves some lovin’ – I adopted him from a rescue, and we are pretty certain he was abused by his original owner. Who could do that to such a sweet pup? Everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am – the vet, obedience trainer, and everyone else I’ve ran into. I truly am lucky. He’s the best.

We do have some work to do, but I couldn’t be happier.

Also, I’m sorry (not sorry) for all of the dog photos.

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Little Things #41: My favorite jogging buddy

My favorite jogging buddySo, I’ve been taking it easy and avoiding any strenuous activity. Why? Well, because of my knee. I had a knee injury that took about 6 months to heal, and I have been apprehensive to start back up again for fear of injuring myself again. I mean, you don’t really know if your body is ready until you just do it. But I’ve been a little scared.

Welp, I adopted a puppy. And he doesn’t exactly like to just meander around. Running is more his thing, and I decided to just jump right in! Well, with jogging. Actually, a walk/run/walk/run type of thing. So I’ve been taking it slow, and it’s going really well. I can’t wait to take on longer runs with this guy, it’s a lot of fun hitting the trails by my new home. We can’t actually do longer runs until he gets older, since he’s still developing and longer runs can put him at risk for developing hip displasyia. Well, good thing my run is pretty much his walking fast speed. So I think I’m good. 🙂

But I am not looking forward to running in the rain. Neither is the puppy. That’s what we have on the horizon since we are moving into an autumn in Portland. Lots of rain dumping on us. But we’re going to do it anyway. And he’s getting a raincoat (sorry, Everett!). Dogs in raincoats are pretty much the cutest overload thing there is. Everett definitely doesn’t agree.

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It’s a…boy!

My new furry family member! Puppy loveSo this is the reason why I have not been posting as much on here lately. This face. It’s a pretty darn good reason, he’s been amazing. I will share plenty more later, I promise. But for now, it’s a…boy!

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Little Things #23: Puppy fever

Puppy feverWhile everyone else has baby fever (they are pretty darn adorable)…I have a serious case of puppy fever. I got to spend the weekend with some great company, furry friends, and this little guy. Swoon.

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Little Things #14: The cutest puppy ever

Cutest puppy ever.Okay, you’re right. Every puppy is the cutest ever. But seriously. This face. I can’t wait to have a furry member in my family (in addition to my family’s dog pictured here). Can you tell I am in total puppy/dog mode?

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