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31 Days of Healing (March Challenge Recap)

Sleepy dogOrganizing my personal spaceBallet night - Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of TaiwanMore coffee.Sunday morning puppy cuddlesPuppy napsMore puppy cuddlesBallet night - the Trocks!Ballet night in PortlandSocks, wine and fireplaceSocks, wine and fireplace

So February was a rough month for me. I don’t need to go into the details, but we all have those bad days that extend into a week, and continue on to a month, right? Well I wanted to challenge myself to do something healing every day in the month of March to recuperate and get back to a healthy body, mind and heart.

While I didn’t take a photo every day (yikes, I know), the challenge got me to thinking about taking care of myself every single day. Whether it was watching an all male ballet company dress in drag and dance en pointe, cuddling with my dog, or wearing polka dot socks and drinking wine in front of a fire, I was healing from some bad days.

Here are some of the things I did in March to heal:

  • Organizing my personal space
  • Morning cuddles with the puppy
  • Chasing sunshine every chance I got
  • Dressing up and going to a ballet (twice!)
  • Running
  • Coffee. More coffee.
  • Movie nights
  • Naturopathic doctor appointments
  • Sundae sister dates!
  • Date nights
  • Mentoring students who are about to embark on a “spring break” of volunteering
  • Ikea trip! Or, just organizing my house…
  • Cooking party
  • Bad (but exciting) movies

What do you do to heal?

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Paint your own pet

Huey Diptychimg274img272I’m not sure if it’s the same where you live, but in Portland, all sorts of painting and wine classes have cropped up all over town. Most of the classes look like this: Classes show you how to paint a specific painting, and an instructor shows you step-by-step on how to create your masterpiece. Some companies have a fixed location, while others float around to different bars and restaurants around town. Oh, and all of them offer wine. Or beer. Or other drinks. Sounds appealing, no?

Well, my friends and I decided to do a different take on the painting class, and there was one offered on painting your own pet! You send in a photo of your pet, they have a caricature artist who draws your pet on canvas, and then you show up to class to paint over the drawing. It’s sort of like paint by numbers. Super fun.

Huey sort of looks like a cartoon version of himself in my painting. It sorts of reminds me of Scooby Doo. But I love it and am proud of it. Also, it’s kind of hard to screw up a cross-eyed tongue out photo of your dog. He already looks silly, so anything I do would just add to that silliness. 🙂

I love that dog.

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May Challenge: 31 days of spring

31 days of MayI am definitely feeling the spring vibes, and it’s my favorite season for a reason. I have been getting ready for spring by planning what will go into my garden boxes (almost built!), surrounding myself with greenery, and loving every minute of the spring blooms I never even knew existed in my yard. What a beautiful surprise.

For the month of May, I am challenging myself to intentionally notice the beauty of nature that surrounds me. My goal is to take a photo every single day this month to capture the beauty of spring. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know it’s already the 4th of May and so I already fell behind on my daily challenge. But I don’t think it’s ever too late to be intentional about the world around us. Don’t you agree?

Join me in my challenge, and share your photos with me!

Also, I plan on posting my March Challenge (31 days of healing) very soon – I am so slow at developing my last roll of film with some of my March challenge photos on it. It will happen soon. I promise. Stay tuned, and share your springtime photos with me!

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Happy Earth Day!

Star jasmine on chain link fenceToday, make sure to do something about the environment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you! I was one of those kids who bombarded my neighborhood with homemade signs to “save the whales,” and I even started my own garbage pick-up club, ridding my neighborhood of unwanted trash. Yes, I was that child.

These days, I can’t wait for my star jasmine to grow and cover my chain link fence. I love natural borders, and am looking forward to enjoying some backyard privacy with some greenery. The added bonus, I will be surrounded by one of my favorite scents in the entire world. Send my jasmine some good, healthy thoughts so it can grow, grow, grow!

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Itching for spring


So…I have my work cut out for me. Last summer, my sister came over to help me do some yard work, and we never quite finished with the “mundane” projects to get the yard ready for this upcoming spring. Can I say how lucky I am to have a sister that will come over to do yardwork?

My house was a short sale and sat on the market for a good 6 months or so before I was able to move in. What does that mean? It means weeds took over the entire yard, plants have grown between every crack and crevice of the patio rocks that trail around my backyard, and weed roots that burrow feet of length below the ground (yes, I said FEET!) . Yikes.

With that said, I am getting sooo antsy to start doing yardwork and get my backyard ready to enjoy for the sunny months in Portland! I love spending time outdoors, and I want to start a pretty epic garden. Well, epic for me. I have an interesting relationship with plants. I love them, but would benefit from learning how to take care of them properly. That’s the nicest way to put it.

So I am a little quite a bit intimidated about the process, but ready to take it on. I still have a LOT of prep work to do (yard party, anyone?). But I think I’ll enjoy some sunny days outdoors in the yard, regardless of what I am doing. Are you ready for the sunshine?

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Hello, 2014!

Happy New Year!

E and I on New Year’s Eve, saying “hello” to 2014!

So, I’m not the New Year’s Resolution type. I like the idea of goals, and I like them even better when you have a checklist of fun things you want to get done. So here is my 2014 checklist of things I HAVE to do this year. In no apparent order.

  • Take Huey (my pup) for his first beach trip and some off-leash fun in the sand and waves!
  • More hiking. Yes, definitely more hiking. And camping.
  • More running…half marathon, perhaps?
  • Make regular wellness appointments. I take care of everything around me, but not myself. That needs to change…
  • Learn to sew. Craft more. Maybe open up an Etsy store with some fun creations? Maybe? Note: I am the WORST sewer in the world, at least when I was in junior high. Maybe things can change? Maybe?
  • Home projects. Actually set aside time to get things done! Or at least unpack. Sheesh. I still have boxes.
  • Gardening. Can I keep some veggies alive for more than a few days? 🙂
  • Roast my own coffee.
  • Canine Good Citizenship certification. For my dog (not me).
  • More, more, more , more photos! And prints!
  • Get out of the state. Better yet, get out of the country!
  • Read more. Especially after I finish up my closet/reading nook. I can’t wait.
  • Thrift more. Find more treasures!
  • More dates with E.
  • More dates with friends.

…so it looks like my 2014 is the year of “more everything.” I better get started! What’s on your list for 20

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It’s Anniversary Month!

Anniversary Month! Photobooth

Our new tradition! A photobooth snapshot for every anniversary. This is last year’s AnniversaryMonth photobooth adventure…4 months after our anniversary. Better late than never to start a tradition, right?

Just like E told our server at least year’s (surprise) anniversary dinner, “It’s Anniversary Month!” Naturally, the server thought this meant that we were celebrating our 1-month anniversary when in fact, we were celebrating 4 years. Just in case your brain is a little scrambled like mine today, that means that we are celebrating 5 years this AnniversaryMonth! Whoa.

We don’t actually know when our anniversary is, just that it is sometime in November. So instead of just celebrating 1 day, we celebrate the entire month of November. Why not?

We usually just fill the month with little things – dinners, low-key date nights, surprises, and yelling “Happy Anniversary Month!” to one another. One year E organized an 80’s dance night and secretly invited some of my lady friends to come out and celebrate with us! He always has something up his sleeve. We didn’t have very much financially to celebrate the way we wanted to last year, but it was still a beautiful and happy month.

This year, the challenge is also financial, but it has more to do with time. He is working a lot, and our schedules aren’t really matching up. But we are going to make the best of it! We are going to continue our tradition with photobooth adventures marking our new year together, and whatever fun things come to mind!

Do you have any ideas? Please share them! I want to make this AnniversaryMonth truly special.


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ah, fall.

Fall crunch

I am here to report that I raked and picked up 182 gallons of leaves in my yard. And I didn’t even do the backyard (yet). I’m going to wait on that one, you can at least still see the grass back there! The front and side yards were a different story.

Also, sad news alert: I didn’t even get to jump in the piles of leaves because it was raining and they were soggy. 😦

Regardless, I love my trees and I *gasp* actually like doing yardwork. But sometimes I wish my days off could be lazy days. I’m not complaining. Really. I love my trees.

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Little Things #42: The crispy smell of fall

Fall in Portland! Crunch fall leaves Oregon autumnSo while we are having an unconventionally hot and sunny week deep into the month of October, the trees definitely think it’s autumn. It’s an incredible sight to experience when Portland’s autumns are usually filled with colorful leaves and…rain. I love seeing the leaves against a sunny blue sky. So here are some obligatory Instagram photos of fall leaves!

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Little Things #41: My favorite jogging buddy

My favorite jogging buddySo, I’ve been taking it easy and avoiding any strenuous activity. Why? Well, because of my knee. I had a knee injury that took about 6 months to heal, and I have been apprehensive to start back up again for fear of injuring myself again. I mean, you don’t really know if your body is ready until you just do it. But I’ve been a little scared.

Welp, I adopted a puppy. And he doesn’t exactly like to just meander around. Running is more his thing, and I decided to just jump right in! Well, with jogging. Actually, a walk/run/walk/run type of thing. So I’ve been taking it slow, and it’s going really well. I can’t wait to take on longer runs with this guy, it’s a lot of fun hitting the trails by my new home. We can’t actually do longer runs until he gets older, since he’s still developing and longer runs can put him at risk for developing hip displasyia. Well, good thing my run is pretty much his walking fast speed. So I think I’m good. 🙂

But I am not looking forward to running in the rain. Neither is the puppy. That’s what we have on the horizon since we are moving into an autumn in Portland. Lots of rain dumping on us. But we’re going to do it anyway. And he’s getting a raincoat (sorry, Everett!). Dogs in raincoats are pretty much the cutest overload thing there is. Everett definitely doesn’t agree.

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