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31 Days of Healing (March Challenge Recap)

Sleepy dogOrganizing my personal spaceBallet night - Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of TaiwanMore coffee.Sunday morning puppy cuddlesPuppy napsMore puppy cuddlesBallet night - the Trocks!Ballet night in PortlandSocks, wine and fireplaceSocks, wine and fireplace

So February was a rough month for me. I don’t need to go into the details, but we all have those bad days that extend into a week, and continue on to a month, right? Well I wanted to challenge myself to do something healing every day in the month of March to recuperate and get back to a healthy body, mind and heart.

While I didn’t take a photo every day (yikes, I know), the challenge got me to thinking about taking care of myself every single day. Whether it was watching an all male ballet company dress in drag and dance en pointe, cuddling with my dog, or wearing polka dot socks and drinking wine in front of a fire, I was healing from some bad days.

Here are some of the things I did in March to heal:

  • Organizing my personal space
  • Morning cuddles with the puppy
  • Chasing sunshine every chance I got
  • Dressing up and going to a ballet (twice!)
  • Running
  • Coffee. More coffee.
  • Movie nights
  • Naturopathic doctor appointments
  • Sundae sister dates!
  • Date nights
  • Mentoring students who are about to embark on a “spring break” of volunteering
  • Ikea trip! Or, just organizing my house…
  • Cooking party
  • Bad (but exciting) movies

What do you do to heal?

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December Photo Challenge: Week 3

December Photo Challenge Week 3Since I just caught up with Week 2, I figured I should also post Week 3 while I am at it! I only missed one photograph (day 16). This is usually around the time I start slacking off on a photo a day challenge, so missing just one isn’t so bad! I am still pushing myself to keep at it, and maybe that will lead into the next month! The whole point of launching my photo a day challenge is so that I can get back into taking photographs and giving thought to the little things in my life.

This is a good segue into the new year – do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I need to start thinking of them…

Follow my photo a day challenge on Instagram (@shrista)!

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December photo challenge: Week 2

Photo a Day Challenge Week 2

While the second week of December has already passed and we are finishing up week 4 now…I’m still sharing my second week of my December photo challenge on the blog. In case you didn’t know, I am taking a photograph every day for the month of December.

While I started out taking photos with my film camera, and then supplementing them with photos on my phone, I took less photos on my camera than I had hoped. But still. I am keeping up as much as I can by posting my photo a day challenge on Instagram (@shrista) – so check me out there to find out what I will be up to the rest of December! 


What are your favorite little moments in December so far?


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