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Back when selfies were self portraits

Hair Series Portrait by natalieerachel


Love this girls crazy hair! Though I’m not quite satisfied with the face portion of this drawing because it doesn’t look exactly like her, I figured that I wouldn’t keep erasing and re-drawing for fear of ruining the rest of it. Hope you all like it! (Original:http://www.lomography.com/homes/shrista/albums/1800791-who-i-am-hair-series/photos/15247846)

Talk about talent! And no, I’m not talking about me. In addition to her beautiful photography, Natalieerachel recreates self portraits of other people by hand. I was lucky enough to have my self portrait drawn by her, she has so much talent and goodness knows I wish I could draw like her! Thank you for this, Natalieerachel!

Self portraits have taken on a whole new meaning, giving rise to selfies, cell phone shots, and numerous phone apps to help make the selfie easier and more flattering to take. Before the selfie craze started, I did a self portrait series about “Who I Am” – one of the things I did is exaggerate my hair because that’s how so many people identify me. This is one of the photos in the series, and the one that Natalieerachel recreated.

self portrait, hair seriesWhat kind of self portraits would you take in your own “Who I Am” series?

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(Hiking for all ages) – Mt. Rainier camping pt. 3

Hiking or backpacking can be tough, but it becomes even more challenging when you are doing it with a baby and toddler. When I met up with my BFF to camp with her family on Mt. Rainier, we also wanted to do some hiking with her kiddos. So we picked some (very) easy short trails to hike. The parents ended up carrying both children most of the way Those trails can be tiring for a 2-year-old, and no worries, the baby tried to sleep the whole way on mommy. So the very easy short trail ended up being a bit harder for the parents…but it was still worth it. Waterfalls, woods, and good people are always worth it. 🙂 Check out Part 1 and Part 2!

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Little Things #28: Jump!

I love my friends. Especially since they humor me by letting me take crazy photos of them. Here we are, enjoying a day at the beach. I make them jump a few times to capture them with my action sampler camera I borrowed. But let me tell you – it made me happy. So here they are! Some pretty great friends.

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Who’s a happy camper this weekend?

I'm a happy camperNo need to second guess what I am doing this weekend! I’m a pretty happy camper (literally) when I’m out in nature. This weekend is no exception, as I get to spend it with my best friend. We don’t live too close to one another, so we are meeting halfway to camp out on the mountain. This weekend will be full of BBQing, teaching a 2-year-old how to roast marshmallows (mine will be vegan…but still fun), staring up at the stars, exploring the mountainous woods, campfires, and some of the best company I could ask for.
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Little Things #22: Portland’s waterfront adventures

Portland bikes and waterfrontSo my days living near downtown Portland may be limited (why?). As a result, I have been trying to mark off every little thing on my checklist of downtown landmarks, places to visit, and things to do. I want to be a tourist in my own city. You know how it goes. You live in a city, and you don’t really do any of the tourist things. You avoid them, really (or maybe it’s just me). But it finally occurred to me that so many people do these tourist-y things when they visit because they might be fun things to do, and they might have a history. So why not?

I have been living in downtown Portland for about 7 years, and so this is a very bittersweet time for me as I truly love it. One of the places I visit often is the downtown waterfront, mostly to do my runs along the water. I really miss my runs, and can’t wait to start back up since my knee is healing (!). Hopefully I can get in a few nice jogs before I move on. Not that I can’t just visit downtown any time. I mean, it’s not like I am moving out of the city or anything. But still. It  won’t be the same.

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Little Things #20: Happy Meteor Day!

Perseid star trailsDid you know that today is Meteor Day? This photograph is one of my favorites, documenting the 2011 Perseid Meteor Shower. This photograph was taken over the course of about 90 minutes, and I believe you can see one of the meteors flying by! It’s the star trail that’s going horizontal. I hope to take many more star trail photographs and be out in nature often this summer!

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93 days of summer…

360 degree view campingHappy Summer Solstice! Even if the official start of summer is a little bit gray here in Portland, I am still excited for this summer! I am already starting to fill up my weekends with summer adventures – seeing my bestie, lots and lots of camping, road trips, and cabin runs…and maybe some moving soon (keep crossing your fingers, I’m still waiting to have the official word in writing on my new home)! I’m starting today, actually – ROAD TRIP! What are you doing this summer?

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Little Things #9: Cherry blossom bursts

Spring Cherry BlossomsSister and cherry blossomsSpring Cherry BlossomsBikes and Cherry BlossomsSpring cherry blossomsCherry blossom weddingSpring is one of my favorite times of year, especially in Portland. After all of the rain and gray, it’s nice to see how Portland stays so green and beautiful when the flowers start blooming and the sun starts showing its face again. It also means that cherry blossoms are blooming. Everyone comes out of their caves, and Portland becomes the beautiful backdrop that it always is – I even caught a couple shooting wedding photos among the spring blooms.

As tacky as it sounds, cherry blossoms have some real personal meaning for me. I spent some time growing up in Japan, which was full of cherry blossoms. It is one of my favorite memories. When we were young’ns, my dad videotaped my sister and I during a Japanese spring. We collected as many fallen cherry blossoms off the ground as we could, and threw them at the videocamera shouting, “Surprise!” We couldn’t get enough. I will have to dig up that video and post it sometime. It’s a classic.

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Love in analogue

Kiss from Shrista on Vimeo.

Kiss. ❤ Trying to do more with my film “video” camera, the Lomokino. It shoots 35mm film, sort of like a Super 8. This video is a bit dark (I knew this would be the case, but there wasn’t much I could do with the timing and sunset), and I left all of the dust marks and such in. It gives it a vintage feel, right? Um…sure.

I can’t wait to do some more with my camera! I treated myself to it as a Birthday gift last year. I don’t really treat myself often, so I need to keep experimenting with it! Have any ideas for short films?

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Little Things #4: Crossing the giant green bridge

St. Johns Bridge, PortlandWhen I need a little pick-me-up, I know that driving over the St. Johns Bridge always makes me happy. It’s the grandest, greenest bridge I’ve ever laid eyes on. Plus, crossing that bridge usually means I get to drop off or pick up film at my favorite camera shop! Instant gratification is overrated.


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