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DIY welcome home prayer flags

DIY Welcome home prayer flagsDIY Welcome Home Prayer FlagsOn the day I signed papers for my home, I naturally threw a “Bring Your Own Chair” housewarming party. I figured it would take a long time to get my place to where I would want it for a housewarming (and boy, was I right!). So instead of waiting for that day to (never) come, I wanted to ring in my new home with all of my close friends and family on the day I closed. It was the best idea ever. No furniture, no decorations, no expectations. Just friends celebrating.

To commemorate the evening and all of the support and love that came with it, I asked everyone to paint a flag on the blank canvas of prayer flag bunting I had brought. It was my first purchase for my house, and I am kind of the sentimental type (and am embracing it with wide open arms).

Well, it took many more months before I actually put it up. But I must say, I can’t stop smiling when I am spending time in the backyard or looking through my kitchen window over at the flags.

I am pretty sure that this blank canvas of prayer flags is generally used at weddings for guests to sign. But you can use it to celebrate any event in your life that you want to remember with the love and kindness from people in your life. Or you can just decorate one for the heck of it.

Prayer flags have a deep spiritual significance. Here’s my quick story about why I decided prayer flags were the way to go as my first purchase and captured memory for my home: In my apartment, where I lived for about 5 years, a mystery neighbor slipped some mini prayer flags underneath my door. I have always had them up in my apartment, but I still, to this day, have no idea who they came from. I think we can all do with a little more peace, kindness, and happy surprises in our lives.

If you are interested in bringing some DIY prayer flags into your home, all you need is a blank canvas of prayer flag bunting (I purchased mine through the Etsy shop, BooBahBlue), and some fabric ink. I used fabric paint, but any sort of fabric ink should work. Oh, and let me know how it turns out!

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Home Adventures: SPIDERS!!!

spider, spiderSince it is that time of year for scary things, want to hear something spooky?

With a home that sat vacant for a number of months before I moved in, the yard naturally became overgrown – tall grass, hedges twice my height, and weeds everywhere. Naturally, it became a haven for a variety of wildlife…including the creature I am most afraid of: spiders.

Since I moved in, I have tried to safely remove spiders from my home by freeing them outside, while have to make the difficult choice to kill a couple of spiders along the way because I couldn’t safely get them outside. Trust me, that’s a difficult thing for me to do. Not because I’m scared (I am terrified!), but because I don’t like to kill things. 

But I am happy to report that I have grown a lot in terms of my fear – I have trimmed plants with many, many spiders on it, and I have subjected myself to yardwork and areas of the yard that are home to many spiders. Hopefully I continue to grow in that area. 

Living on the top floor of apartment buildings for many, many years…I took for granted how I rarely encountered any bugs. Hopefully the spiders and I can work out a way to live side by side. I’m totally fine with them, as long as I don’t see them. That means they aren’t around, right? RIGHT?!

Here’s to hoping that my continued yardwork through the fall means less spiders in the spring…

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Welcome home! Boxes and all

Welcome home!So I keep getting asked to share photos of my new home. The only problem is, I haven’t really been home enough to finish unpacking and making it mine. Instead, I have been helping my sister move into my old room, cleaning out the apartment to prepare it for viewings for new roomies, and pet sitting at my friend’s place for nearly a week. So, as you can gather, my house is still boxes, and it will be a long process to piece it all together. But that’s part of the fun, right?

So, here’s one photo I will share of my house. While it is from the first few days in my new home, it still pretty much sums up what it looks like now. However, that is going to change over the next few days. And there’s a good (furry) reason for it. More to come soon!!!

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Home Adventures (Day 16)

Adventures in HomeownershipWow, I still can’t believe I have a home. It’s been so surreal, and I (truly) wake up every morning thinking about how lucky I am and how much I love my home. Boxes and all. Yes, it’s been a slow unpacking process, and finding a home for each and every item of mine is difficult to do when you don’t have the place thought out for them yet. Sigh.

So, here I am, day 16, trying to get the home unpacked just a bit more. So, what is day 16 like? Well, let me tell you. It involved me carrying a dead squirrel in a paper bag from the attic, and using the same paper bag (with the squirrel) as a tool to thwart any spiderwebs that may be blocking my path to the garbage can. I am terrified of spiders – way more terrified of them than what I was carrying in the paper bag. Yikes.

However, I am lucky enough to say that I was not the one who stumbled upon the squirrel with a sad fate. E was lucky enough to do that, and…he didn’t tell me what was in the bag. He just told me not to open it. Well, you can’t tell me NOT to do something…because I am going to do it. But I could tell it was something bad. He doesn’t avoid my “what’s in the bag?” questions for no reason. So I guessed dead animal. I guess I was right. And no, I didn’t look in the bag, even though I wanted to. The thought of dust and fur flying in my face stopped me. I have an (over)active imagination. That’ll do.

Well, the night ended well enough with an amazing taco night made by E. Yes, this truly is amazing as this is one of the only meals he has ever cooked for me ever. Not joking. It was worth it.

Also, it’s 11 o’clock at night, and we still haven’t taken out the recycling. I can already tell which chores I love to do.

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September Goals

Just like last month’s goal, my September goal is also simple. Well, it’s deceptively simple, but it’s actually quite difficult with my busy schedule. But I am going to try and unpack my new home and start personalizing it to make it mine. I’m already slacking by writing this blog post instead of unpacking. All in good time. A girl deserves a break, right?

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Mi casa, su casa

img557Surprise! It’s official. After nearly 5 months of waiting, today I finally closed on my dream house. I am taking the day off to just sit inside my new home and enjoy it. As my boss said, “sick days should also be used for wellness days.” It’s a beautiful perspective that people should practice more often.

I’m still in disbelief. While I have refrained from posting very much about my homebuying process on my blog, things have been crazy and frantic in the background to make a smooth transition to closing. Even getting to the closing was arduous, and tested a lot of patience. But I’m glad I waited this long for this home, it’s perfect, and it’s all mine.

So tonight, I celebrate in my empty home. There will be much to do starting tomorrow – the house has been vacant for 6-7 months, so you can imagine the amount of yardwork I have to do. But gosh, I am so lucky that the interior is pristine and perfect. I can’t wait to start flooding my blog with fun projects, documenting the making of a house into my home.

Check out my home story to learn more about why it’s so important to me. I know that home is important to nearly everyone, but it holds a different meaning for each person. So here’s what it means to me.

What makes your house a home? Share in the comments!

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2 hours of paperwork = presents?

Presents, paperwork, and a new home!I just got rewarded with presents for signing paperwork for 2 hours. And that’s not even the best part! Something big is happening…

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…start the countdown!

Pinch me.Some foreshadowing of things to come!!! After so many setbacks, confusion, heartbreak, and hope…something may be happening. But I can’t spill the beans quite yet… 😛

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I’m a saaaaaad panda…

Puppy dog faceOkay, so now that I subjected you to a way-too-close shot of my face (sorry, guys!), here’s the sad news:

I have to keep waiting to close on my home. We even have to go backwards and wait for an approval again.

A couple of weeks ago, I had some happy news – a verbal approval on my offer for my dream home! However, due to an oversight on their end, the bank has to go back and review some paperwork before we can move forward with the home purchase. So we thought we would be closing on our home within days of now. Instead, we are waiting to hear back on a decision. Again. *sigh*

So this is the nature of short sales.

However, I am in a good place and keep shooting rays of positive energy out into this world. The bank says it will take “days” to look over everything. That could mean anything at this point. Literally days, weeks, or even…months? Let’s hope not.

Regardless, I will keep hoping, creating inspiration boards, and dreaming up backyard garden, cooking and entertaining space ideas while I am gearing up for this new adventure! Send me your good thoughts! It looks like I won’t be inundating you quite yet on home decor projects. But soon.

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Ants in my pants?

Ants in my pantsI have ants in my pants! EEK. Just waiting to hear back on 2 decisions that will impact my life in a major way: a home and a dog (eep!). Wow, I had no idea that my life would change so much so quickly. I’m so excitedly nervous. One of these decisions is already good to go (the home!). Well, for the most part. But we are waiting on the official word (in writing), and it still has to pass inspection. But still. This is a MAJOR milestone, here.

And yes, I found the dog of my dreams. One of the major reasons I want a home so much is so I can get a dog. Kind of ridiculous, but it really means that much to me. So now that the house is (unofficially) a go, I decided to barrel ahead and see what I can do about rescuing this dog that I have been wanting to adopt for over a month now. He still hasn’t been adopted (yet), but I don’t think that’s going to last for long. There have been a few inquiries, and the rescue told me he may have a family in line for him. However, my application to adopt him has been officially submitted, and hopefully they consider me the best match for him. I want him in my family so bad.

Keep your everything crossed for luck!!!

PS – This drawing is my first computer illustration since trying to draw using Paint in high school. Give me a little bit of a break. 🙂 Although…it is a better drawing than what I can do normally…

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