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Back when selfies were self portraits

Hair Series Portrait by natalieerachel


Love this girls crazy hair! Though I’m not quite satisfied with the face portion of this drawing because it doesn’t look exactly like her, I figured that I wouldn’t keep erasing and re-drawing for fear of ruining the rest of it. Hope you all like it! (Original:http://www.lomography.com/homes/shrista/albums/1800791-who-i-am-hair-series/photos/15247846)

Talk about talent! And no, I’m not talking about me. In addition to her beautiful photography, Natalieerachel recreates self portraits of other people by hand. I was lucky enough to have my self portrait drawn by her, she has so much talent and goodness knows I wish I could draw like her! Thank you for this, Natalieerachel!

Self portraits have taken on a whole new meaning, giving rise to selfies, cell phone shots, and numerous phone apps to help make the selfie easier and more flattering to take. Before the selfie craze started, I did a self portrait series about “Who I Am” – one of the things I did is exaggerate my hair because that’s how so many people identify me. This is one of the photos in the series, and the one that Natalieerachel recreated.

self portrait, hair seriesWhat kind of self portraits would you take in your own “Who I Am” series?

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Little Things #12: Brilliant hair

My sister, the hairstylist.Amy can put together some rad hairstyles. I am lucky that she is my sister and knows me so well that I don’t even have to really explain what I want with my hair…she just does it. I think I am going to bring back my bangs soon…

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I am (not) my hair

So, one of my nicknames dubbed in junior high was PocopuffPoco because I looked like Pocahontas (the Disney movie had just come out, and I was one of the only “ethnic” people at my school), and puff because I have giant hair.

Anyways, I pulled my hair back every day because I was going through the transition from straight to curly hair (my hair decided this one day). And nobody told me you can’t brush out curly hair…lest you be called Pocopuff.

Today, my hair is still giant and curly. But I have learned to embrace what I have. People used to identify me from afar by my hair. And they still do. Hence, my stop motion video of myself getting my hair more giant than it really is, to love and embrace who I am.

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