Little Things

We all take some things for granted, right? To celebrate the little things in life, I am curating a series of “little things.”

After experiencing a difficult event in my life (who hasn’t?), I wanted to reframe the way I live and experience life. I want to acknowledge the little things – the things that make life beautiful, and the things we take for granted. It is, after all, the little things that define your everyday life.

Little Things in my life:

Puppy photo bum (bomb)

The Crispy Smell of Fall

My favorite jogging buddy

Please play me!

City lights and trains

This face

Summer is not over yet

Guerilla gardening

Reflecting in Seattle

Men throwing boulders and gifs!

Waterrfall rainbow


Breakfast & big news

Backyard parties

Old School Polaroid Love

Picking mountain wildflowers


DIY Pancake Breakfast

Call Box

Swimming with manatees

Urban Comedians

Puppy fever

Portland's Waterfront Adventures

Balcony bird

Happy Meteor Day!

Holding hands against violence

Drawing something with Amy

Facehole photos

Smile wrinkles

Portland sun

The cutest puppy ever

Guatemalan worry dolls

Brilliant hair

Cute Portland graffiti

Running free

Cherry blossom bursts

Rose water obsession

Sister photobooth adventure

Food cart deliciousness

For the love of books

Crossing the green bridge

That tiny yellow creature

Candy cane striped beets

Cozy slippers link

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