Little Things #45: (Un)broken lens!

Broken lens filterI hope my dad doesn’t see this…but I have been forever borrowing his Minolta SLR camera from the 80’s (which he knows about). However, what he doesn’t know is that his beautiful camera made a hard landing on the concrete floor of a museum, cracking this lens. I blame it on the tiny, thin camera strap. It slowly inched its way off my shoulder. Seriously. People were horrified when they saw the camera crash to the floor. It was the loudest sound in the museum.

So this happened last summer. It was my lens of choice (50mm), and I haven’t been able to use it or find a replacement since. Taking photos hasn’t been as fun without it, and I definitely haven’t been taking as many since then.

However, that all changed last week when I looked at the lens again…and realized I didn’t actually break it! Yes, it looks absolutely awful, but I only broke the filter, and not the lens itself. WAHOO! Lens filters are the greatest.

So now the lens is looking pretty again with a brand new filter, and it can come out to play. Best. News. Ever. Just don’t tell my dad.

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