Hand painted Moroccan wall

img900Painting a patterned wallimg898img902img901I have lots if ideas. But, of course, time is always a factor in making all of these ideas happen. So a few months after moving into my home, I finally started painting some walls. My bedroom is now an earthy clay color, with 2 Moroccan patterned accent walls. And yes, they were hand painted with a stencil.

Needless to say, this is a pretty long process. And I still have quite a bit to go…especially after painting a wall with a stenciled color, and realizing that the method I was using was leading to blobs of color, as opposed to patterns with clean(er) lines. It’s not going to be perfect, especially on a textured wall. You can see some of the said blobs in the 4th photograph. It definitely needs a redo. However, I have some fun things to hang on the wall when it is done! So that will be my motivation.

Good thing I got the hang of it and experimented on the short wall before applying the pattern to the 16-foot wall! Phew.

Regardless, I wanted to share that things are happening, even if I don’t spend every weekend doing home projects. Summer is coming up, and I think a lot of things will be at a standstill. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy their days off in the sunshine?

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2 thoughts on “Hand painted Moroccan wall

  1. Susan says:

    That looks awesome!

  2. Lady Kate says:

    Wow, I love this! Perfect x

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