April Challenge: 30 days of my favorite things!

30 Days ChallengeJust in case you missed it, I am doing a new daily challenge every month so that every day, I am focused, trying new things, taking risks, or enjoying things that make me happy. The plus side? I get to choose the challenge! It can’t be too hard then, right? RIGHT? Last month was 31 days of healing. I had been through a lot in February, so I wanted to use March to recuperate and heal. Because most of my photography is film-based, you will be seeing a recap of that month a little later!

As for April, I knew I had to make this one special. It’s my Birthday month, and to make it even more enjoyable and me-centric (which I am not), I thought the best compromise would be to fill every day with something I love. It can be as little as listening to one of my favorite songs, or as big as going on a day trip somewhere. Who knows. The point is I want to enjoy things that make me very happy, and while Birthday month is a great excuse for that…I think we should do a lot more of enjoying our favorite things more often regardless.

So…cheers! Will you be joining me? What are some of your favorite things?

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2 thoughts on “April Challenge: 30 days of my favorite things!

  1. Tamara says:

    I’m currently doing a 100 happy days challenge. Doing anything for more than a week is a challenge, and somehow here I am participating in 100 happy days on Instagram – http://instagram.com/everydaytamara. It’s been pretty fun. I had my first day of “Whoa this day blows” but I had to find my happiness and eventually I did. Even if it was 10pm at night. Good luck on your 30 favorite things days.

    • melimel says:

      I love the idea behind the 100 happy days challenge, and I will definitely check out your Instagram for some inspiration!

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