31 Days of Healing

HealingSo February hasn’t been so kind to me. Nearly every “worst case scenario” and “things can’t get much worse” situation happened. But, to my amazement, I am still smiling. And I smiled my way through all of February.

I have a way of not feeling stressed, even though I probably am. I try to not let things get to me, and I try to stay as strong as possible. I really needed to be strong this month, not just for myself, but for everyone else too. So I didn’t have time, or the opportunity, to just let go.

Well, that eventually takes it toll…and my body definitely feels it. I am needing lots of sleep. And I mean A LOT. I want to be alone to recharge. Relax. Heal.

So this past month has been my impetus to start what I am dubbing my “30 days” challenge. No, it’s not new. I’m sure many people challenge themselves to something for an entire month. But I am starting this monthly challenge to have more fun in my life, create some inspiration, and extend my creativity.

So here I am, starting in March. Each month will have a different challenge, so I am excited to try something new, and stretch myself to do different things every single day.

My March monthly challenge will be 31 days of healing. Because I need it. I will be doing something every day in the month of March that will help me heal – mind, body and soul. And, to fulfill my love of film photography, I will be photographing the healing things that I do with my film cameras. So while you may not see what I have been doing to heal in the month of March, I will be able to share them with you in a different month. The following months’ challenges will all be different. But I thought it would be appropriate to start with healing myself.

Why don’t you join me in this monthly challenge? Share your ideas with me – what do you do to heal? I would love to try out your ideas, I need 31 of them! Who knows, maybe your idea will be the one that truly heals me.

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3 thoughts on “31 Days of Healing

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