Homemade dog treats

Homemade pumpkin dog biscuitsSo…at the risk of seeming absolutely over-the-top ridiculous, I am going to share this with you anyway. I found a recipe for homemade dog treats, and made some for my dog. In my defense, I was completely curious and my dog wasn’t feeling amazing. So why not find a fun way to get him some pumpkin to put his tummy at ease?

Yes, this is where I get even more ridiculous. The recipe is wheat free. Why? Well, I am pretty picky about what my dog eats, for the most part. Boxers tend to have a lot of allergies. They also have the highest rates of cancer, and generally a shorter life expectancy than a lot of other breeds. In an effort to reduce opportunities for allergic reactions and keep my dog as healthy as possible, he eats a wheat/corn/etc.-free diet.

Well, for the most part. There are those occasional wheat-filled, naughty ingredient treats he gets from others. Or that he steals on the bottom shelves of pet stores where they (in)conveniently place them for dogs to have easy access.

Okay, so back to my homemade treats. The recipe I used is here.

To attest to my ridiculousness, the staff at New Seasons Market in dog-friendly Portland thought I was “weird” for purchasing groceries for homemade dog biscuits. But they warmed up to the idea and realized how awesome it was, even asking me if I sell my treats. I told them I would have to see how this batch turned out first. But maybe dog treat making is in my future? But I digress. Yet again.

So the real recipe has super cute bone-shaped treats. Mine are elephants. I just didn’t go out of my way to get the “appropriate” cookie cutter. Plus, why would Huey disapprove of elephants? He’ll eat anything.

The recipe was surprisingly a success. Let me rephrase. Surprising success not because Huey (and other dogs) liked them, but success in that my baking didn’t lend to burned dog biscuits. Hooray! Definitely a step up for me. I’ll have to try out some more recipes soon!

Have you tried making your own dog treats? What’s your favorite recipe?

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2 thoughts on “Homemade dog treats

  1. Susan says:

    My sister in law made homemade dog treats as a Christmas gift to Gabby this year. She loved them! I hope I get to meet Huey one day!

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