Holidays in my home

Happy Holidays!!! While we all have different beliefs and celebrate important dates in our lives in different ways, I still want to take the time to wish all of you a happy holidays! The holidays have always been important to me, but mostly as a time to reflect and spend time with those you love. My holidays were perfect. I spent time with close friends, people I consider my family, and decorated my home with the outdoors.

It’s my first holiday in my new house and so I wanted to do something with my decor, but knew that a full-scale light display is probably not in the cards this year. Or ever, really. But still. So while I didn’t get a Christmas tree, I made myself a holiday chandelier made out of boughs. Even though it’s not traditional, I absolutely love it.

I also don’t have any ornaments for a tree, so even if I did get one this year, it would the most sadly undecorated tree ever. However, it wouldn’t be the most odd tree I ever had. Growing up, Christmas trees weren’t as important to my parents, but they were very important to my sister and I. One particular year, my parents opted out of getting a tree for a number of reasons, but cost was a big one. So instead of sulking about not being able to afford a Christmas tree, I drew one on a grocery bag. My drawing skills aren’t the best, but it’s the most memorable tree I’ve ever had.

So while a Christmas tree didn’t happen for me this year, I still made something that I love and smile at every time I see. And now I have a new tradition for my future Christmas trees – E gave me the idea to just get one ornament a year, so that even though my future trees won’t be heavily decorated, each ornament would be special and would be full of meaning.

Well, this year I actually made an ornament with some friends. We celebrated a good friend’s birthday by blowing some glass and making some ornaments, of course with a lot of help. I’m pretty happy with how my ornament turned out, and it’s pretty exciting that my first adult ornament is one that I made. And yes, it’s hanging in my house. Just not on a tree. Maybe next year, with a new ornament I can add to my collection. Cheers to new traditions!And yes, E brought it to my attention that because we jut moved, we probably won’t be receiving that many holiday cards this year. But that didn’t stop me from creating my card holder (a branch with twine to hold our cards). You can see below that I already had 1 card when I took the photo! We are still receiving more as the holidays progress (yes, I don’t care about timing – it’s the thought that counts!), and I am loving my branch card holder more and more. It’s not the number of cards that matter, but the fact that you can acknowledge others’ thoughtfulness in thinking about you during the year. Not everyone can or may send cards. But I know that I have people in my life that fill it with love. Thank you.
Also, who doesn’t love swag and mistletoe?  Happy Holidays, from me to you. Thanks for letting me share with you a piece of the holidays in my home. I hope you are having a beautiful celebration, whatever your beliefs and whatever you hold in your heart. 

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