It’s Anniversary Month!

Anniversary Month! Photobooth

Our new tradition! A photobooth snapshot for every anniversary. This is last year’s AnniversaryMonth photobooth adventure…4 months after our anniversary. Better late than never to start a tradition, right?

Just like E told our server at least year’s (surprise) anniversary dinner, “It’s Anniversary Month!” Naturally, the server thought this meant that we were celebrating our 1-month anniversary when in fact, we were celebrating 4 years. Just in case your brain is a little scrambled like mine today, that means that we are celebrating 5 years this AnniversaryMonth! Whoa.

We don’t actually know when our anniversary is, just that it is sometime in November. So instead of just celebrating 1 day, we celebrate the entire month of November. Why not?

We usually just fill the month with little things – dinners, low-key date nights, surprises, and yelling “Happy Anniversary Month!” to one another. One year E organized an 80’s dance night and secretly invited some of my lady friends to come out and celebrate with us! He always has something up his sleeve. We didn’t have very much financially to celebrate the way we wanted to last year, but it was still a beautiful and happy month.

This year, the challenge is also financial, but it has more to do with time. He is working a lot, and our schedules aren’t really matching up. But we are going to make the best of it! We are going to continue our tradition with photobooth adventures marking our new year together, and whatever fun things come to mind!

Do you have any ideas? Please share them! I want to make this AnniversaryMonth truly special.


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