Home Adventures: SPIDERS!!!

spider, spiderSince it is that time of year for scary things, want to hear something spooky?

With a home that sat vacant for a number of months before I moved in, the yard naturally became overgrown – tall grass, hedges twice my height, and weeds everywhere. Naturally, it became a haven for a variety of wildlife…including the creature I am most afraid of: spiders.

Since I moved in, I have tried to safely remove spiders from my home by freeing them outside, while have to make the difficult choice to kill a couple of spiders along the way because I couldn’t safely get them outside. Trust me, that’s a difficult thing for me to do. Not because I’m scared (I am terrified!), but because I don’t like to kill things. 

But I am happy to report that I have grown a lot in terms of my fear – I have trimmed plants with many, many spiders on it, and I have subjected myself to yardwork and areas of the yard that are home to many spiders. Hopefully I continue to grow in that area. 

Living on the top floor of apartment buildings for many, many years…I took for granted how I rarely encountered any bugs. Hopefully the spiders and I can work out a way to live side by side. I’m totally fine with them, as long as I don’t see them. That means they aren’t around, right? RIGHT?!

Here’s to hoping that my continued yardwork through the fall means less spiders in the spring…

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