DIY glitter pumpkins!

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Okay, so I love fall and getting lost in the corn maze, but I am not so gifted at carving pumpkins. Not only am I terrified of sharp objects, but I can’t for the life of me carve out anything coherent.

So here I am, wanting to do something with the nearly 100 pounds of pumpkins I just brought home from the pumpkin patch (no joke). I am cooking up most of them, but I also wanted to decorate my home for fall. While I am (still) working on organizing and unpacking my home, it would be a shame not to have some seasonal fun.

So what’s the next best thing to carving pumpkins? Um, glittering pumpkins. Super easy, and no sharp objects required.

Note: After I did this project, I read an article about how decorating pumpkins with glitter or toxic paint makes your pumpkins ineligible to be composted. 😦 Sad. If you would like to compost your pumpkin after it has its run, try using non-toxic paint instead!

MATERIALS: ——————————————————————

  • Glitter (of course!)
  • Mod podge
  • Brush (I chose foam, but you can choose finer brushes if you would like to be more detailed with your glitter patterns)
  • Newspaper

STEP 1: Prep your pumpkin and craft area: ———————–

Wipe down your pumpkins to ensure a clean surface area to glitterize. Please note that I did not do this with mine, since I really love imperfections and seeing that my pumpkins came straight from a farm, dirt and all.

Lay down some newspaper to catch all of that loose glitter. Nobody wants to clean up glitter all over the table and floor. But trust me, it will probably get everywhere anyway. But with newspaper, you will save on a lot of cleaning time.

STEP 2: Glitter your pumpkin! —————————————–

Start painting your glitter designs on the pumpkin with mod podge. Once you have painted your pattern, start dumping glitter all over your pumpkin. I tried sprinkling, but it doesn’t work quite as well as a good dumping of sparkly goodness.

…that’s pretty much it.

I think the clean-up took a lot more effort than the creating. But I’m all for glitter parties. I think Ke$ha may be on to something…

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2 thoughts on “DIY glitter pumpkins!

  1. jprakken says:

    These are gorgeous!! You’re so creative!

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