Foodie central: Bite of Oregon

img602Bite of Oregon 2013 Recap img593 img598img596img614Why yes, I am a little behind on my posts. But who cares? Photos are around to relive your moments. So here I am, reliving a bit of summer and my trip to the Bite of Oregon.

It’s no secret that I love food. But I don’t afford myself the opportunity to get out as often as I would like on food adventures. I experiment in my kitchen often, but let’s just say that I could use a bit more practice. I can deal with that – more food adventures in my home.

The Bite of Oregon is a 3-day culinary event, and not only does it include lots of food, but food demonstrations including an Iron Chef of Oregon competition that is played out live before your eyes. Pretty neat.

My sister and I got a weekend pass, and we just ate. And ate. Yum! So here’s a peek at our Bite of Oregon adventure, complete with some of the best music compilations I have heard, courtesy of a DJ playing tunes just outside of the event, working on a donation basis. Yes, Mr. DJ, I approve of the 90’s dance music.

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