Friends and Portland TimbersGo Timbers!Cheering on the Portland Timbers!Cheering on the Rose City!Celebrating a Timbers victoryPortland Timbers, here we go! Portland Timbers-here-we-go! I got to cheer on the Portland Timbers as they played Toronto FC. If your eyes glazed over as to who these teams are, they play soccer. 🙂 My group of friends used to make it out to Timbers games often when they were in the minor league. Now that they have gone pro, it’s a bit more expensive to attend, and the atmosphere is a little different.

But it’s still the Timbers.

Even though I don’t get to go to games all summer, I still get to catch a match or two. This was the first one of the season I could attend, many thanks to a dear friend who had some extra tickets. He came all the way down from Seattle to hang out and watch the match. We have so much fun when he is in town, he should definitely come back more often (hint, hint)!

Anyways, the Timbers won 4-0, which was a pretty big lead. There was a lot of energy in the crowd, and we definitely walked out of the stadium happy. I hope I can see them in action at least a couple more times before the season wraps up!

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