Bullseye! from Shrista on Vimeo.

So Ev is off in the woods this week for his first hunting trip. Now, before making any assumptions, know that we had a talk about what hunting means to us. For me, I’m a total pacifist. I mean, totally. For instance, spiders TERRIFY me, and yet I won’t kill them unless absolutely necessary. I even save them. Let me tell you, it makes for good entertainment. Ask any coworker I have ever had. Regardless, I can probably count on one hand how many spiders I (consciously) led over the rainbow.

So, needless to say, I had some reservations about my partner ending the life of an animal. BUT, in addition to being a pacifist, I can understand why people hunt. People are carnivores. I believe in the sanctity of life, but that as long as you approach your food with respect, then hunting, while sad, is okay. In other words, hunt for food, not sport; and use as much of the animal as possible. If E went off into the woods to try and see how many animals he could shoot and then just leave them…well, that’s not honoring or respecting their lives.

Well, good news. E feels exactly the same way. In fact, he told me that he is not looking forward to ending an animal’s life. But he will use every part of the animal and will appreciate and respect its life. So, this post wasn’t supposed to be about our stances on hunting. Rather, it’s about our trip to the middle of the woods to shoot some targets (legally). And yes, no animals or bugs were hurt during this process. 🙂

I made a little stop motion video from 35mm film with my Lomokino camera! It’s a short black and white film. Yes, it’s a little cheesy, but it’s fun. So forget about my hunting rant and check out my ridiculously nerdy stop motion video!

I am already missing Mr. E, but he will be back before I know it!

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