September Roundup

The obligatory Pike Place Market visit (Seattle pt. 4)

Home adventures (Day 16)

Home adventures (Day 16)

Color Run fun!

Color Run fun!

Batter up!

Batter up!

Welcome home! Boxes and all

Welcome home! Boxes and all

It's a...boy!

It’s a…boy!

So, September just happened. And we’re already a quarter of the way through October. Life is a little bit busier (obviously, I haven’t been posting as much). But regardless of my life’s hectic schedule, I am hoping to get back on track! Looking back on September, I had a lot of life-changing events happen. I got a new puppy (EEEEEEEEE!), who was a rescue. He’s amazing, and my life is so much happier with him.

What else happened in September? Well, I recapped some more of my Seattle trip, shared some home adventures, cheered at the finish line of the Color Run, and shared my double date at the batting cages! It was a GREAT month, and I am looking forward to October! Well, I am already loving October, rather. hehe. Hello fall, pumpkin patches, puppy adventures, and continuing to turn my house into a home.

To learn more about my September adventures, click on a photograph and it will bring you to my blog post about it!

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