Color Run fun!

I had the opportunity to cheer on my friends and sis as they ran in the Color Run in Portland! I couldn’t join them as I am recovering from a knee injury. BUT I did sign up for a run next month, so cross your fingers!

Anyways, I had SO much fun watching this race and all of the colorful bodies that passed through the finish line! While I was waiting for my friends to cross the line, I got to witness a colorful dalmatian puppy running in the race, and see a grandpa’s happy smile and cheers as his grandchildren finished (he’s the gentleman with a red balloon). Yes, his kids covered him in colorful turquoise powder after they finished. He was pure joy.

Anyways, I am so proud of my amigas and hermana, they did great! Maybe next year I can join them. 🙂 No more knee injuries, right?

PS – I’m a little behind on taking photos and developing my films. Yes, I primarily shoot in film, and this I stock them up before getting them developed. That’s why some of my posts happen a bit after the actual event. Also, with the move to my new home, I have been slacking. But I plan on catching back up and starting on some fun home projects! YAY! 

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