Seafood feasting (Seattle pt. 3)

imagejpeg_1img508img504img513 img506 img511We never get to splurge on an amazing meal, so it’s always a special treat when we do. While we were in Seattle, we decided to have a seafood feast on the pier. Ivar’s was the perfect choice. My friend suggested (years ago) that I try cioppino, but I never had the opportunity. Until now.

Oh my word. It was ah-ma-zing. It even came with a bib for all my seafood goodness. I got a lot of stares in the restaurant that day, I think this dish is one of the only ones that “requires” a bib. But I proudly wore it.

Amy’s meal was incredible as well. Of course. But I was too busy eating mine.

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5 thoughts on “Seafood feasting (Seattle pt. 3)

  1. SHINEY83 says:

    LOVE that place! And beginning next week, I’ll be living in the same city!

  2. sripma says:

    Oh how I miss you, Seattle!

  3. […] We didn’t get my favorite pastry from Piroshky Piroshky this time since we just had an incredible seafood feast before going to the market. But next time, Seattle. Next […]

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