Mi casa, su casa

img557Surprise! It’s official. After nearly 5 months of waiting, today I finally closed on my dream house. I am taking the day off to just sit inside my new home and enjoy it. As my boss said, “sick days should also be used for wellness days.” It’s a beautiful perspective that people should practice more often.

I’m still in disbelief. While I have refrained from posting very much about my homebuying process on my blog, things have been crazy and frantic in the background to make a smooth transition to closing. Even getting to the closing was arduous, and tested a lot of patience. But I’m glad I waited this long for this home, it’s perfect, and it’s all mine.

So tonight, I celebrate in my empty home. There will be much to do starting tomorrow – the house has been vacant for 6-7 months, so you can imagine the amount of yardwork I have to do. But gosh, I am so lucky that the interior is pristine and perfect. I can’t wait to start flooding my blog with fun projects, documenting the making of a house into my home.

Check out my home story to learn more about why it’s so important to me. I know that home is important to nearly everyone, but it holds a different meaning for each person. So here’s what it means to me.

What makes your house a home? Share in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Mi casa, su casa

  1. Ruth Cohen says:

    YEAH!!!!! Congratulations Mel… It is definitely the start of a new chapter in your life

  2. Helena says:

    wow, it looks really nice, congratulations! I also like your boss’ sick day moto 🙂 enjoy it…..

  3. […] it’s still my apartment building because it is – even though I now officially have my house (!), it’s bittersweet to move on. So here I am, appreciating the little things that came with […]

  4. […] but it’s actually quite difficult with my busy schedule. But I am going to try and unpack my new home and start personalizing it to make it mine. I’m already slacking by writing this blog post […]

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