Adventures in (pet)sitting

diptic_1376205680652I spent a few adventurous days pet sitting a dog and two fluffy kittens, all of whom have more love to give than one person can possibly contain. I thought my puppy fever had reached its maximum, but it turns out the threshold is much higher than I imagined. People always try to warn me how much work it is going to be, that it’s going to be much more difficult than I imagined. But I feel I am ready for it, especially after jumping fences and getting knee-deep in neighbors’ bushes to retrieve a wanderlust dog who jumped the fence. No worries, dog. You were a little difficult to retrieve, but you are home safe and sound. I get curious about what’s on the other side of the fence, too. While we had some (mis)adventures, I loved every minute.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in (pet)sitting

  1. Dogs are great! And it doesn’t give you that much work. If you feel you’re ready after the (mis)adventures I would say go for it! 😉

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