(Pitching a tent) – Mt. Rainier camping pt. 2

img361 img368img360img365img351img366img350img373img364img363There (almost) isn’t anything more adorable than an almost 3-year-old helping set up his family’s tent. Can you think of anything cuter?

My best friend and I drove up to Mt. Rainier, which is sort of the halfway point between our hometowns. Her kids, almost 1 and almost 3, went camping with us for their 2nd camping trip ever! The almost-3-year-old was convinced that my sleeping bag was purple, telling his mom before our trip that he “hopes” my sleeping bag is purple, and that he was certain that it was. Who knows why he thinks that, or why it’s important to him. Kids say the darndest things.

So let me tell you, I was a little anxiety-ridden when I had to reveal to him that my sleeping bag was…well…not purple. Who wants to let a little guy down? My sleeping bag not only isn’t purple, it’s the opposite of purple. Bright orange. Yikes (it was on sale, don’t judge).

But do you know what his reaction was when I pulled it out of the bag? He literally gasped and uttered, “It’s beautiful!” So I guess orange is okay too. 🙂

Camping was a lot of fun, even the kiddos didn’t want to go to sleep. Our “adult” hangout time was a bit postponed because of all the excitement and because their bedtime was still sunny in their tent. *sigh* We did eventually get to hang out, just us adults. This is when I got to act like a perpetual kid and roast marshmallows and make banana boats. I guess I have some growing up to do too.

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