Need a new show to watch?

The Fictitious Life of Ethan - Pilot on Kickstarter

This is a story of a young man returning home after a horrific incident but makes light of it by telling tall tales as a way to cope.

Well, you have to help make it a reality first. A dear friend of mine, an incredible documentary filmmaker, has a neat idea. And he needs you and your friends to make it come to life. I guess that’s the nature of Kickstarter and crowdfunding, right? Anyways, he is making a pilot episode of his show, The Fictitious Life of Ethan. You can help bring it to life by pledging, small or big, to the project via Kickstarter! So watch the video, and pledge if you want to bring it to life in a pilot! I figured if I didn’t tell you about it, then you would never know about it. So cheers to spreading the word! Here’s what the show is all about:


The Fictitious Life of Ethan is a lie, well technically it’s a show about a liar. Ethan is returning home after a life altering event and has a scar to prove it. He encounters old friends, makes new ones but to all of these people he hides the truth as to why he’s back and the reason for the scar on the side of his face. Each episode will begin and end with the truthful unfolding of his present day venture home. The tall tales begin when Ethan is questioned about his scar and he instantly fabricates a story. He’s usually an honest guy but Ethan uses these false memories as a defense mechanism. The pilot episode will be the beginning of his journey and we will see how elaborate he can get.

Check it out, and be a part of a making a great idea come to life! I don’t know about you, but I definitely need a new show to watch and I LOVE the idea behind this one. Anything with mystery, inrigue, and putting pieces together to keep me guessing is perfect in my book.

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