Mina is getting m-a-r-r-i-e-d!

ThrowbackFirst of all, can I just say that I can’t believe this photo was taken TWENTY-THREE YEARS AGO? September 1990 is what it says on the back of the photo. It is a photo of my sister, me, our Barbies, and Mina!

Okay, now on to why I am posting this photograph. My dear friend, Mina, is getting married TODAY! Out of everyone in my life (aside from family), she and her family are the people that have been in my life the longest. I’ve known her since I was 6, and our friendship is still going strong…even though we live in different cities.

So here we are, wearing and sharing matching fanny packs (don’t hate). We also have purposefully matching ruffled socks, even though Amy’s are shorter (we couldn’t find 3 pairs). Lastly, we each had our own Barbie because, well, let’s face it. A trip to the beach just isn’t as much fun without our Barbie friends in tow, right? Um, sure…something like that.

I am (sort of) ashamed to admit it, but I remember this day. On the same day this photo was taken, we went to a little shop and shared an ice cream drink together. You know – 3 straws in one drink type of thing. I have a photo of that somewhere too – but of course, it conveniently has disappeared. I’m sure it will turn up eventually.

Now, back to the point. MINA IS GETTING MARRIED. After getting sidetracked with reliving some beautiful moments, I am so grateful and excited to celebrate with her on her big day. She has been in my life for 24 years, and I am looking forward to this new chapter in her life and many more years of friendship! Congratulations, Mina!!!

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One thought on “Mina is getting m-a-r-r-i-e-d!

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