Frolicking on Mount Hood

So this is Part 2 to my friend’s birthday up on the mountain (check out Part 1). Did you know that you can play disc golf on Mt. Hood? Well, neither did I! You take a ski lift up the mountain and play disc golf on the way down! You have to dodge some major obstacles along the way, such as mountainous plants and mountain bikers (unexpected!).

It was my first time on a ski lift, and I loved it so much I just wanted to stay on it all day, riding above the mountain and tree tops. I wonder if they would let me?

While everyone else played some serious(ly fun) disc golfing, I was just happy to be in good company. I am not much of a disc golfer. The first and only time I played, my friend and I took turns tossing chucking throwing(?) a disc. We threw the disc straight into the water. Immediately. We haven’t really played since. If you ever want a good laugh, watch me throw a frisbee.

Regardless, I just love being outdoors with some good friends, picking flowers, taking photographs of the gorgeous mountain, and eating every single wild mountain strawberry I could find. They were incredible, by the way.
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7 thoughts on “Frolicking on Mount Hood

  1. Josh Baker says:

    I keep meaning to do disc golf up there, but I need to find the time! Glad you had fun.

  2. Jessica Boone says:

    That course looks beautiful! Might have to check it out.

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