Little Things #27: DIY pancake breakfast

Getting ready to make our own pancakes - in a restaurant! Plus a bonus photobombYes, there is a place in Portland that lets you order your own pancakes by choosing the flour and any fillers and fixin’s you want, and you get to make them yourself! This wonderful place is called Slappycakes. It’s sort of like Korean BBQ, but with breakfast foods. Yum! Here we are, excited to start whipping up our pancakes. Bonus! You get a photobomb of our server.

Making our DIY pancakes at Slappycakes

Our pancakes are touching!Our pancakes are touching!







I had potato batter pancakes with lemon curd. It was ahhh-mazing, even thought I can’t cook all that well. Also, we kept cooking our individual pancake batter too close to one another, so we had to use some creative maneuvering so that we didn’t end up with a mega-pancake of different flavors. Although, looking back on it, that could have been epic.

I can’t wait to go back and have another pancake adventure with some great company!

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One thought on “Little Things #27: DIY pancake breakfast

  1. SHINEY83 says:

    Slappycakes! Squirt + time = pancake!

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