Fire pits, pigs and cows

What a weekend! We celebrated a dear friend’s birthday by spending time on a mountain. While the photograph may fool you, I am going to make something very clear. Yes, I am still a pescatarian; and no, I did not eat any of this. With that said, I can proudly admit that I am a foodie and appreciate the process of planning, creating, and eating (well, not eating in this case).

At the mountain cabin, we roasted some pork, beef, and vegetables. How, do you ask? By digging a hole in the ground, filling it up with river rocks and flavored wood chips, heating them up by way of fire and hot wood coals, and placing the delectable eats wrapped in banana leaves and burlap inside the hole and covering it up!

After roasting the entire day underground, we dug up the banana leaf-wrapped meat, carefully unwrapped and enjoyed it. Everyone stole at least a few bites before it was officially served. Even the dogs were having a blast licking the burlap sacks and searching for fallen morsels. I enjoyed some salad and pasta – also good, even though I didn’t put in as much work to get it onto the table.

Here’s how it was done!

Preparing fire roasted meat, cooked undergroundDigging up fire roasted meat, cooked underground Have you ever roasted meat this way? Share how it went!

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One thought on “Fire pits, pigs and cows

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