Little Things #25: Swimming with manatees (and seaweed)

Swimming with manatees (Florida)Snorkeling with ManateesI can excitedly report that I snorkeled with manatees at one point in my life. And yes, I may have let out an underwater scream when I felt one touch me. It’s a bit startling when you are swimming with giant manatees you can’t see because the water is so murky. But it was still an incredible moment.

Wait, did you ask if I also own manatee socks?

Why yes. Yes I do.

Manatee socks

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2 thoughts on “Little Things #25: Swimming with manatees (and seaweed)

  1. Susan says:

    That is awesome! Chris loves manatees…maybe we will be lucky enough to swim with them someday too!

    • melimel says:

      DO IT! So much fun! haha I love that a manatee is always his Facebook photo…it’s starting to make sense now!

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