In search of a chandelier

Vintage Pink PortlandShopping at Vintage Pink PortlandTypewriter at Really Good Stuff PortlandReally Good Stuff! PortlandI had a free hour the other day (yeah, those are hard to come by these days), so I decided to go on a hunt for a chandelier! I have some big plans and giant crystals to upcycle a vintage chandelier find – see my dining room inspiration board here.

Well, instead of finding a chandelier, I got to spend some fun time scouring the shelves at Vintage Pink and Really Good Stuff. While there were some chandeliers at both places, they were already full of crystals or not quite what I was looking for. Oh, well. There’s some pretty cool stuff out there, and things that I never knew I needed. I guess I will have to keep searching. Know of any good places to score a good chandelier frame in Portland?

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2 thoughts on “In search of a chandelier

  1. Lori beamer says:

    Hippo Hardware is possibly 🙂

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