I’m a saaaaaad panda…

Puppy dog faceOkay, so now that I subjected you to a way-too-close shot of my face (sorry, guys!), here’s the sad news:

I have to keep waiting to close on my home. We even have to go backwards and wait for an approval again.

A couple of weeks ago, I had some happy news – a verbal approval on my offer for my dream home! However, due to an oversight on their end, the bank has to go back and review some paperwork before we can move forward with the home purchase. So we thought we would be closing on our home within days of now. Instead, we are waiting to hear back on a decision. Again. *sigh*

So this is the nature of short sales.

However, I am in a good place and keep shooting rays of positive energy out into this world. The bank says it will take “days” to look over everything. That could mean anything at this point. Literally days, weeks, or even…months? Let’s hope not.

Regardless, I will keep hoping, creating inspiration boards, and dreaming up backyard garden, cooking and entertaining space ideas while I am gearing up for this new adventure! Send me your good thoughts! It looks like I won’t be inundating you quite yet on home decor projects. But soon.

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One thought on “I’m a saaaaaad panda…

  1. SHINEY83 says:

    *pew pew (shooting you rays of positivity!)

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