Little Things #21: Balcony bird

Balcony birdSo I live on the 5th story of an urban apartment building. We have a lovely balcony, and we can’t grow anything on it. “Why?” you ask? Well, let me tell you. There’s this bird, you see. I have named it “Balcony Bird.” It has stolen any seedlings that have popped up, and steals bits of garden twine (what is it called?) from our hanging planter every day. And it’s loud. Don’t ask me why everyone else’s balconies are spared. Regardless, I often catch Balcony Bird in the act. We have stare-down contests, and when we do…I win. Balcony Bird flies off eventually, but not without a hard stare-down. But I’ve never been able to capture Balcony Bird on camera. That is, until now. That’s right, Balcony Bird. Caught red-handed.

Even though I can’t grow any lovely plants on my balcony, I actually have grown to like Balcony Bird and look forward to playing our eye games. Balcony Bird has even been known to bring a friend with him, and now we have a Balcony Pigeon as well. How many more will we get?

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