Photo project: I see double!

Film doubles - pattern with cute monster

Film doubles - crane with bike

Film doubles - flowers with patterned fenceProjects of any kind are always more fun with friends. The same also goes for photo projects. For this one, I shot a whole roll of film. After I finished up my roll, I gave it to my friend to shoot photographs on the same roll…meaning she was going to take photos over the photos I just took.

In the analogue photography world, this is called “doubles” or “multiple exposures.” You usually shoot both layers yourself (and immediately) so you have some control on what the end result is going to look like, but I went all in for a surprise!

The results from this project are some of my favorite photographs, mostly because they are so much fun to shoot, and I love the surprise that comes from developing your film and figuring out what we created!

Have you tried your hand at doubles or multiple exposures? Share your results!

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