Spontaneous Fun: Dishwasher Project Art Show

Dishwasher Project Art ShowDishwasher Project Art ShowDishwasher Project Art ShowPortland Institute for Contemporary ArtI like to think of myself as spontaneous, even if my daily life and choices don’t always reflect that. ha. On my way to work, I heard an Oregon Public Broadcasting (Oregon public radio) story about an art installation called the Dishwasher Project.

I was immediately intrigued.

I love the way the project brings to life the intersection between daily life, storytelling, and the way art can bring people of all backgrounds together. Also, I am inspired by the photographer, who is a nonprofit leader by day. I had the opportunity to meet and interview him a few years ago for a graduate school project. It’s so neat to see someone wear so many different hats, all while accomplishing so much. Inspiring.

So, before the news story even finished I decided I was going to go.

While I refrained from snapping any of the artwork, check it out and learn more about the Dishwasher Project from the artists themselves. Each piece was as unique as the people, and it’s beautiful to how connected all people are, regardless of what we do. The artists do an admirable job bringing dignity and gratitude to hard work.

Next time I eat at one of the restaurants where dishwashers were interviewed and artistically captured for the Dishwasher Project, I will think about them and what it means to bring food to my table.

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