Ants in my pants?

Ants in my pantsI have ants in my pants! EEK. Just waiting to hear back on 2 decisions that will impact my life in a major way: a home and a dog (eep!). Wow, I had no idea that my life would change so much so quickly. I’m so excitedly nervous. One of these decisions is already good to go (the home!). Well, for the most part. But we are waiting on the official word (in writing), and it still has to pass inspection. But still. This is a MAJOR milestone, here.

And yes, I found the dog of my dreams. One of the major reasons I want a home so much is so I can get a dog. Kind of ridiculous, but it really means that much to me. So now that the house is (unofficially) a go, I decided to barrel ahead and see what I can do about rescuing this dog that I have been wanting to adopt for over a month now. He still hasn’t been adopted (yet), but I don’t think that’s going to last for long. There have been a few inquiries, and the rescue told me he may have a family in line for him. However, my application to adopt him has been officially submitted, and hopefully they consider me the best match for him. I want him in my family so bad.

Keep your everything crossed for luck!!!

PS – This drawing is my first computer illustration since trying to draw using Paint in high school. Give me a little bit of a break. 🙂 Although…it is a better drawing than what I can do normally…

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