Dining room inspiration board

Dining Room Inspiration BoardWhile I am was waiting to hear back from the bank on whether or not I get to call this (dream) house my home (yes, it’s officially in the works!!!), I started an inspiration board for what I want each room to look like. Okay, so it may be was a little preemptive, but dreaming and holding on to hope isn’t always a bad thing. Besides, the process of creating is too fun to pass up.

Even if the bank decides against my offer (ugh!) only thing standing in my way is a negative inspection of the house (psssh), at least I’m having fun waiting!

So I started with one of the easiest rooms first – the dining room. It’s just a little nook in the house and it’s one of my favorite spaces. It’s surrounded by windows, overlooking a (potential) garden space sectioned off from the rest of the yard. Perfect. I plan on making this my office nook when I am working from home. Who wouldn’t want to work in a space surrounded by windows and plants?

What are your thoughts on how to make this space more homey?

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3 thoughts on “Dining room inspiration board

  1. Susan M. says:

    Fingers crossed that everything goes through smoothly. I love that you’re already planning designs for each room!

  2. […] I had a free hour the other day (yeah, those are hard to come by these days), so I decided to go on a hunt for a chandelier! I have some big plans and giant crystals to upcycle a vintage chandelier find – see my dining room inspiration board here. […]

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