Little Things #10: Running free

6v0u3e1330_1Proud moment: Finishing the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It was a big moment for a number of (personal) reasons. I didn’t get to train like I planned on training, with life and sickness getting in the way. But.I.still.finished. I (mostly) dreaded all of the long runs leading up to the big race, and now I am only wishing I can go on one of those long runs.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Finishers

After the half marathon, I did a 15k and ran a couple of short runs. I injured my knee on the short run. Ugh. It’s been 2-3 months, and I haven’t been able to run any distance, or do any physical activity. I tried yoga for a month, but it ended up just aggravating my knee.

So cheers to hard work, dedication, and making goals, even if the steps leading up to the goals aren’t always sparkling and happy. I wish I could have those moments now. But I will soon. I can’t wait for running, camping, and maybe some dog adventures this summer!

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6 thoughts on “Little Things #10: Running free

  1. OJACee says:


  2. Good luck as you heal, don’t worry, the road/trail will wait for you return, and rejoice when you arrive! Take care of yourself!

    • melimel says:

      Thank you so much for the kind thoughts, I really appreciate it! I am definitely taking care of myself, and can’t wait to get back!

  3. […] sis as they ran in the Color Run in Portland! I couldn’t join them as I am recovering from a knee injury. BUT I did sign up for a run next month, so cross your […]

  4. […] I’ve been taking it easy and avoiding any strenuous activity. Why? Well, because of my knee. I had a knee injury that took about 6 months to heal, and I have been apprehensive to start back […]

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