I am (not) my hair

So, one of my nicknames dubbed in junior high was PocopuffPoco because I looked like Pocahontas (the Disney movie had just come out, and I was one of the only “ethnic” people at my school), and puff because I have giant hair.

Anyways, I pulled my hair back every day because I was going through the transition from straight to curly hair (my hair decided this one day). And nobody told me you can’t brush out curly hair…lest you be called Pocopuff.

Today, my hair is still giant and curly. But I have learned to embrace what I have. People used to identify me from afar by my hair. And they still do. Hence, my stop motion video of myself getting my hair more giant than it really is, to love and embrace who I am.

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5 thoughts on “I am (not) my hair

  1. WOW…..did not know that asians could get afros….. are you mixed with another nationality? NONETHELESS, great hair and video – thanks for sharing and being yourself

    • melimel says:

      haha well, it did take quite a bit of work to get an afro…but I did eventually make it work! 🙂 Yes, my background is mixed race (which is where my curly hair comes from). But I am 50% Korean, and mixed with White/Caucasian-ish (among other ethnic backgrounds). Weird, huh? I wish my hair could look like that always…

  2. P.S. I Love India Arie too!!!

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