My House Story

Dream House DrawingI grew up in a military family, so my roots have been spread out over the world. That’s not a bad thing. After moving out of state to college and thereafter, I have moved every 6-9 months (mostly in the same city). I kept this up for 7 years. Yipes. Now, I didn’t keep moving because I wanted to, I just kept landing myself in situations where roommates changed, work changed, school changed…and my living situations had to change with each of them.

So, naturally, I have never fully unpacked in any of these places. None of them were really “home” to me because I knew I knew it would be a matter of time before I would be moving again. Even now, I have lived in the same place for about 5 years but I still can’t bring myself to unpack those last few boxes; and I LOVE my apartment. Okay, so that might mean I just need to get rid of whatever’s in them because I’m obviously not using them. But it’s the premise. I don’t feel like I am home (yet).

I started the process of thinking of buying a home in a few years. I didn’t think it could be an (easy) reality for me anytime in the near future just because I have spent my time working in the nonprofit sector and using what little I had in savings to get me through the “Great Recession.” Yes, it was is a tough time. My life is very fulfilling, but it isn’t very lucrative. And that’s okay.

However, opportunities have made their way into my life and I am (seriously) looking for a place to call my home. In fact, I even put an offer on a house (or houses, but this one is my favorite and will most likely work out!). I am diligently waiting to hear back on my offer for this dream house, a cute little bungalow. Cross your fingers!

Part of Kimchi and Coffee is my quest to grow roots and make the world around me my home. That’s a bit hard for someone as wanderlust as me, but I want it. So bad. Both feeling at home and being out and about in the world. Think I can do it?

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